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Getting to Know Lazar - Part III

Getting to Know Lazar - Part III checked in with Marquette signee Lazar Hayward a little while back and reported on what drove the high flying wing's decision to pick Marquette University over schools like Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, Providence, UConn and Syracuse as well as his work ethic. This segment takes a closer look at Lazar the ball player that will be coming to play for the Golden Eagles next season.

Developing Lazar's Game Notre Dame Prep is a school that has seen a great deal of talent on the basketball floor over the years. Some players come in with developed skills while others come with a lot of work to do. The difference is in the amount of work that they want to put forth into developing those skills. Notre Dame Prep Head Coach Bill Barton has seen quite a few of those players and has... Recommended Stories

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